Monday, August 20, 2007

The Pantheon

Because I want the gods of my world to be active and important, that's the next step to creating this world. I'll leave a lot of things a little general for now, since I'll want to pin things down later.

The nature gods shall be twins, or perhaps one goddess with multiple personalities. One will be creation, focusing on growth, healing, and tranquility. The other will focus on nature's wrath, harnessing wind, might, and the like. Druids will generally worship both, but favor one somewhat. Rangers, though, I will force to choose. I've never been all that fond of the ranger having a selection of spells that doesn't reflect anything. So they will choose to worship one side of nature, and I will come up with spell lists for each.

There will be a god of magic, who will have few clerics, but will sometimes awaken magic within people. This will be the main way I'll allow a sorcerer level in a character who has limited reasons for it otherwise. Plus, I think players that want to add a sorcerer level to a non-sorcerer will enjoy this method of doing so.

There will be a god of deception and trickery. His followers will include rogues and bards, and he will be quite active, pulling harmless tricks on people. He will often appear to rogues and outdo them in their endeavors, sometimes stealing their newly acquired riches.

There will be a god of death, but he will be neither dark nor light, as often happens. He will be an impartial judge, reaping souls and sending them where they should go. He will not enjoy the job, but he will do it. In rare instances, he will appear to take a life or defend it, as his calculations of how death should strike are never to be proven wrong.

There will be a god of the harvest, but this god will likely not be important to players.

There will be a goddess of light. She will be the god of many good clerics, bestowing powers against the undead, as well as healing powers.

There will be an overgod. It will be the ruler of the pantheon, and it shall also be the god of knowledge. It will know all, see all, and keep the gods in line. It shall have few followers, since it grants nothing, allowing the other gods to be active.

There will be several demigods, and these are the ones that will generally interfere with the plans of the gods. They shall vie for godhood, and perhaps sometimes achieve it. They will include at least one demigod of the undead, a thorn in the side of the god of death. He won't necessarily be evil, but he will not see the point in allowing death.

Being active will require avatars, but I think I'll include them when I actually get far enough for a section on the mythology of the world. I'll probably add a couple more gods then, too.

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